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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  September 15, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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rails are shared with commuter trains and amtrak. two other teens were walking along the tracks whim at 4:45 in the afternoon yesterday -- with him at 4:45 in the afternoon yesterday and when the amtrak train approached, deregi somehow stepped into the path of the ongoing train. >> we always hear it like on tv shows, but we never think it would happen to one of our people like that go to our school. >> reporter: and students are talking about the possibility of a tribute to john deregi, jr. at friday night's football game in clarkbsurg, but those plans are not firm. reporting live in boyds, maryland, scott broom, wusa9. >> scott, thanks for that report. the family is asking the media for privacy today. new tonight a popular hospice facility is selling its building to a pretty famous school, the washington home and community hospices says it is closing its upper northwest facility by the end of 2016. the building on upton street just off wisconsin avenue will be sold to the sidwell friends
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school. 129 people currently receive hospice and aging care services in that building. the company says arrangements will be made for those people. mola lenghi will have much more on the sale and what this all means coming up at 6:00. a new sports arena and entertainment venue is coming to the district. it will be built in southeast washington. the future home of the wnba's mystics and a practice facility for the wizards will be do aned and built on the east campus of the -- designed and built on the east campus of the former st. elizabeth hospital in ward 8. the project is expected to host over 99 nonbasketball related events every year, construction scheduled to be completed by 28 teen. the mystics would move all -- 2018. the mystics would move all of the home games to the area. this must be approved by the d.c. council. maryland health officials say someone has died after contracting west nile virus.
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the parent is an older adult who lived in baltimore county, but we don't know much else. so far this year there have been about 29 west nile cases in maryland, just six all of last year. health officials say they have detected the virus in mosquito pools in anne arundel, montgomery, prince george's county and baltimore county. just a deadly terrible accident today on a bus in houston. police say this happened after the bus was hit by a car that had swerved to avoid another vehicle. the driver overcorrected. the bus crashed from a freeway overpass onto the street below. a female high school student was killed in that accident. two other students and the driver were seriously injured. at least nine people are dead, several others are missing tonight after flash floods swept through a small town on the utah/arizona border. several people were killed when the fast moving water overtook their cars. this video shows just how scary the situation was. a person took video as crews
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rushed to pull a couple of women out of their vehicle while another person tried to hold the car in acple. crews will work through the night clearing debris and searching for more survivors. in california a deadly wildfire burning out of control as flames continue to ravage drought stricken communities north of the napa valley. the 67,000-acre fire killed an elderly woman and destroyed nearly 600 homes and hundreds of other buildings. chelsea edwards is at the scene in middletown, california. >> reporter: the devastation is painfully clear in middletown, california, and other parts of lake county. landon bersisco stayed behind despite mandatory evacuation orders. >> there's not a lot of resource over this way. we're just trying to do whatever we, can trying to stop whatever we can handle. >> reporter: the explosive wildfire has devoured hundreds of homes. >> it looked like lava. that's how fast it was moving. >> reporter: the wildfire driven by wind and fueled by drought has quickly become one
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of the most destructive in california's history. the fire claimed the life of 72- year-old barbara mcwilliams who had multiple sclerosis. the wildfire is one of 6,000 that have coffined the state this year. >> -- coffined the state this year. >> authorities -- scorched the state this year. >> authorities are saying there are still some missing, but they could be with relatives or out of town. a deadly shooting in new carrollton, a man suffering from a gunshot wound was found on a bus stop. he died a short while later. the screen was closed off near annapolis road for several hours. we're still working to find out the identity of the victim and yes was killed. police -- why he was killed. police are looking for clues to a shooting in d.c. where a man was wounded on varnham street northeast not too far from catholic university. the man was hit in the stomach and is expected to survive.
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tonight a 23-year-old frederick, maryland man is facing murder charges in the death of a woman. investigators say milton arellano knew gloria watson who was sexually assaulted and attacked with a knife. investigators say dna evidence linked the suspect to the scene. he's charged with first degree murder. investigators say a love triangle might have been the motive for a murder that stunned a mississippi college campus. an instructor at delta state university 45-year-old shannon lamb is suspected of killing his live-in girl friend. hours later police say lamb shot and killed a colleague on campus. that would be professor ethan schmidt. lamb was spotted in greenfield, mississippi, last night, but police say he committed suicide before they could reach him. there were no classes at delta state today and there will be a vigil for professor schmidt tonight. the latest presidential
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poll shows donald trump still on top, but he has a big challenger. the poll shows trump gained some ground last month, but dr. ben carson jumped the most from 6% to 23% and the rest of the competition is pulling in just the single digits. coming up tonight at 6:00 we'll take a look at how one group is going after trump and his response. today the prince george's county council received a briefing on plans to reduce service at laurel hospital. dimensions who is in charge of the hospital is planning to transform the hospital from a fun service facility into an appear -- a full service facility into an ambulatory center. another meeting will be held tomorrow night at 7 p.m. at the beltsville academy at the wicomico avenue. we have more breaking news, just six minutes into this show we're just getting word of an arrest tied to a threat against the pope during his upcoming
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visit. cbs news reports secret service arrested a 15-year-old new jersey boy last month for planning to attack the pontiff next week. that teen was allegedly communicating with someone from isis online. the teen was urged to research how to build an explosive and once that research began he was arrested. now the threat was not considered substantial, but intelligence officials tell cbs news there are no known credible threats to the pope. we commit just a bit to some good news about the pope and when pope francis gives mass in d.c., there will be a few local students there to see it. they were surprised today with some of the hottest tickets in town, bruce. >> that's right. photojournalist james hatch was there when they caught the good news. >> reporter: at st. bernadette's church school in silver spring excitement about the upcoming papal visit is everywhere, in the reallies, on the walls and especially -- in the halls, on the walls and
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especially in the classrooms. >> everybody is excited, but for us this is particularly exciting because he is our holy father. >> reporter: while most of these young parishioners will only get to see pope francis' mass on television, three will be there in person each chosen by the pastor for letters they penned explaining why they'd like to attend the papal mass. today monsignor smith made the rounds of the classrooms congratulating the winners. >> i'm here to say and to give a ticket to one of the classmates who wrote a particularly good letter asking to go to the mass and to give a papal mass ticket to catalina shyder. >> reporter: for catalina this papal mass will be even more special. >> it will be really great especially because the mass is going to be recited in spanish. since i'm bilingual. >> reporter: for her younger schoolmates, winning the tickets left them speechless
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literally. >> say hi to pope francis for us. >> reporter: then the monsignor had one last surprise. >> what would you think if we sent mr. lee to be the teacher to represent us? would that be good? >> hear that message and bring that message back and share it with the kids. it's not some ancient message. it is an ancient message, but it's still a true message and that's what i want to deliver to the kids. >> three winners have been selected for the archdiocese of washington's you serve video competition. contestants were asked to create a video depicting the way they serve and doctor. their greater community. -- and transform their greater community. the winners depicts the way she serves her every y dalife in her parish and another feeding the hungry and breaking bread with strangers in a d.c. park and then the third video
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follows a mission trip to el salvador with 10 members of a youth ministry. >> i love how this visit is inspiring people to do great things. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00 and the pope's visit does not come without some controversy. coming up at 5:30 we'll take a look at why some people are pretty mad to that he's going to make one man a saint. >> plus investigators say a college student's death was murder and that it happened at the hands of some fraternity members. >> and later the newest. >> well, i'm meteorologist topper shutt. we're looking at another cool night. here are the forecast low temps, low 50s north and west, in up to low 60s, but if you're out past 9:00 or 10:00, i recommend a sweater. we'll come back, tell you how long we keep this streak going. >> and later the newest photos of the baby panda. we'll tell you wh jç.
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a razor wire fence is greeting thousands of migrants trying to get into hungary. the country's police have closed the border, what used to be a stream of migrants making their way in reduced to a trickle. police are letting people in five at a time and that isn't happening very often. anyone trying to sneak into hungary could face five years in prison. this afternoon the european union announced it will hold an extra meeting next week to figure out how to relocate some 120,000 refugees looking for safety from isis. more than three dozen individuals now being charged in connection with a hazing death of a college freshmen. kenneth craig reports he was brutally beaten during an
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annual fraternity event in the poconos. >> there's a reason why hazing is not permitted in fraternities, because of events like this. >> reporter: police in northern pennsylvania say they plan to arrest 37 people after a grand jury indicted them in connection with the 2013 hazing death of college freshman chun michael dan. it occurred at a ritual known as the glass ceiling in the pocono mountains. >> he was standing with a blindfold, arms crossed in front of his chest and fraternity members would take turns tackling him. >> reporter: police say fraternity members tried to cover up the brutal beating as deng lay dying. five people are charged with murder. other counts are assault, hindering apprehension and hazing. even though the fraternity has been banned against this
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college, prosecutors are filing charges against college itself. if convicted, the fraternity could be forced to pay a fine. >> there needs to be some consequences, you know, for the kids who did that because it's unethical. >> reporter: deng's family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit and in a statement called his death tragic and preventible. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. >> police say the frat members tried to research deng's symptoms online and waited at least an hour to take him to the hospital. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> tour on a roll, my -- you're on a roll, my friend. >> it was. if you like today, you'll love tomorrow and you'll love thursday and probably friday. >> how is he going to keep sitting up here with us? he's going to get a big head. >> let's focus on the 3-degree. we went for a high today, i
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thought it was warm enough, remember, dry air masses heat up quickly. we went 83. we'll let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. we've only missed two so far in the month of september. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, 82. dew points yesterday were in the 40s and relative humidity was below 30%. it's still pretty nice out with relative humidity at 34%. that's pretty good for us. headlines, open the windows again tonight, rest the ac, bus stop temperatures 52 to 70 and that's 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. it's a wide range, but we'll see that across the breadth of the metro area, a wonderful wednesday tomorrow and still nice on thursday and more importantly not hot because of the low humidity. so on the futurecast again a temperature forecast, if you will, 10:30 tonight temps are not going to fall off the table like they did last night. they'll be tool, 63 in gaithersburg, 64 in bow -- cool, 63 in gaithersburg, 64 in
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bowie, 61 downtown. by morning there's going to be some low 50s and i think these are a bit high, too. 63 downtown, 52 in martinsburg and frederick probably 52, 53 and out toward leesburg and percyville probably 52 or 53. by 9:00 temps go back to the 60s near 70, full sun and by 1:00 we're right around 80, a spectacular day to take lunch outside and by 6:00, so almost 24 hours from now, sunshine again and low 80s essentially across the board, even 80 in hagerstown, martinsburg and winchester with hardly a cloud in the sky. tomorrow night at 9:00 temps will not fall as quickly, upper 60s in the burbs and low 70s downtown. so tonight clear, still rather cool, 52 to 64. open the windows. had to open up the e, rangtoo. and by morning sunshine and a
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beautiful start. after temperatures go down to 52 in laytonsville, 55 in fairfax and 52 downtown and maybe 56 in bowie. so kind of a cool saturday. now by morning 52 to 80. it warms up rapidly, grab the sunglasses. by afternoon a gorgeous day, highs about 85, winds south at 5 to 10 and it's going to be gorgeous from the mountains to the shore. 77 in oakland. you jump the divide, you're in the low 80s in culp, low to mid- 80s -- in cumberland, low to mid-80s in warrenton, manassas, downtown 86, 85 in gaithersburg and only about 80 by the water. a great day to be on the water, no achieve, no ends within -- no small craft advisory, no winds. beautiful thursday, 86 and
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still great on friday, 85. next seven days weekend looks okay. we still have this little shower late saturday night, probably won't happen. a very weak cold front goes through, so it looks good for the terps and our second home game and monday and tuesday next week for the nats. coming up the new investigation and podcast focused on finding answers in hannah graham's death. >> plus credit cards ditching their perks? how to look
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discover card is doing away with benefits like travel assistance and lost luggage insurance while the sears platinum master charge is dropping that collision damage waiver. visa says it doesn't plan on making any changes yet. if you haven't started your holiday shopping, you might be behind. a new survey from claims 32 million of us, that's one in seven, are crossing gifts off their christmas wish lift. the poll found even millennials are getting an earlier jump on gift buying. 25% of them planning to done with holiday shopping before december. >> are you even thinking about your list? >> me neither. we can't seem to get enough of the national zoo's little panda. >> he's starting to look like a panda. in this picture you can see his little eyes, but staffers say the cub usually covers them up with his paws while he's asleep. they say his black pattern is
5:24 pm
starting to come in and he looks just like his dad, plus he's putting on a pound a week they say. here's a live look at the zoo's panda cam. the staff is encouraging everybody who spots a cute panda moment to take a screen grab and send it their way. check out the wusa9 app for our panda photo gallery. >> remember when he was just a little butter stick? >> that's right. maryland's governor is on a mission to save lives after his own cancer scare. >> reporter: if you were in the right living room, now could have heard foot loose live. >> reporter: i'm bruce leshan at national shrine. a week from tomorrow pope francis plans to cannonnize an 18th
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pope francis is slated to canonize a controversial 18th century franciscan missionary during his visit to washington next week. to many native americans the missionary is more sinner than saint. bruce, does the pope know about this controversy? >> reporter: he absolutely knows about it and he is planning to go ahead and canonize the missionary anyway and there are a number of native americans that promise that they will be here at the mass protesting that. critics say sarah does not deserve this place at the capitol and does not deserve to be named a saint. >> i think it's really sad to see someone that enacted genocide on an entire group of people elevated and made into a saint when he did things that were absolutely not saintly. >> reporter: in 1748 sarah
5:29 pm
left his comfortable life as a catholic philosophy professor on a spanish island to spread the word of god in the new world. he created nine of the california missions and set out to convert the native americans to christianity. >> his primary purpose was to evangelize. what sent his heart on fire was to bring the gospel of jesus christ to people who had never heard it. >> reporter: the native americans were free to enter the missions, but if they tried to flee, they were flogged. hundreds of thousands died of european diseases, of starvation and at the hands of spanish con quistadors, but this pope called him a father of the united states and a saintly example of universality and says sarah rose up on behalf of
5:30 pm
a native american who had killed his good friend. >> no, no. we're not here to kill people. we're here to bring them the gospel and so he urged them not to execute him. >> his evangelical message destroyed almost an entire population of people. >> reporter: in those old spanish colonial towns in california there was usually a presidio for the troops and a mission for the missionaries and his supporters say time and again sarah intervened with the troops on behalf of the native americans, but critics are just not buying that. live at the national shrine bruce leshan, wusa9. >> all right, bruce, thank you. pope francis is encouraging something that he calls the new evangelism. he wants the church to leave the comfortable center and reach out to the periphery and church leaders say sarah is the perfect example of someone willing to leave their comfortable life and go to a place that at that time was as
5:31 pm
foreign as the moon. according to state media, engineers have resumed processing plutonium and highly enriched uranium, this statement coming a day after north korea said it would begin launching satellites through long range rockets. washington fears the test will put north korea closer to its goal of acquiring a nuclear arsenal that can hit the u mainland. it happen -- the united mainland. it happened again, a player hitting a referee. the player is no longer on the team and received a three-day suspension from school while the incident is investigated. the texas association of private and parochial schools is also investigating. this marks one year since uva student hannah graham was last seen alive. graham's remains were found several weeks after she disappeared. it was one of the most
5:32 pm
exhaustive searches in virginia history. jesse matthew is now behind bars charged with her death. on saturday, september 26th, 48 howes will start its season with a two -- hours will start its season with a two hour investigation into who killed her and the possibility that jesse matthew may have struck before. the special will be right here on wusa9 at 9 p.m. on the 26th. until then cbs has produced a podcast mini series on the case. a new episode is available for download each day this week. a 1,000-mile march starting in selma, alabama, arrived in d.c. today. the journey for justice marched over the memorial bridge and the steps of the lincoln memorial. the march saw the to bring attention to issues such as criminal justice -- sought to bring attention to issues such as criminal justice reform and
5:33 pm
voting rights. maryland governor larry hogan was diagnosed with cancer of the lymph nodes back in june and has undergone treatment. he said his experiences the past few months have inspired him to make a difference. today volunteers were able to donate blood and to register to become bone marrow donors. a local man determined to get kenly loggins to play his concert in his living -- kenny loggins to play his concert in his living room finally got his money's worth. >> ellison barber talked with some fans who were there to see the singer in person. >> reporter: andrew young early lived in cincinnati. he's in d.c. for only one reason. >> we came here just for loggins living room. >> reporter: younger was the first one to contribute to the kickstarter campaign. >> i was the first to start up, move the needle from 0 to 300. >> reporter: from ha donation
5:34 pm
it snowballed. >> on a saturday morning following my launch just super gracious, wished me good luck like you're going to do a greatening and after that skyped me i think you're onto something. >> reporter: after nearly a year of waiting they showed up in the home. andrew and his sister allison weren't going to miss it. >> growing up return to three corners is one of our favorites. >> reporter: even though andrew had to be in a wedding in ohio the night before. >> sunday morning 6 a.m. flight out of since attempt, got in here -- cincinnati, got in here, no sleep. >> reporter: for one night all they cared about was singing along to danny's song. ♪ ain't got money i'm so in love with you honey ♪ >> reporter: for wusa9 i'm ellison barber. >> guess that's pretty cool to have somebody like kenny loggins in your living room.
5:35 pm
>> for 30 grand, show. >> for the low, low price of 30 grand. the kickstarter actually funded kenny loggins program. he's going to use this money to raise capital for his band's new album. $205,000 from the concert will go to the new album. we still talk about this is it. all right. a gorgeous day, humidity low. pollen not so much. low for trees, but moderate for grasses and high for weeds and mold spores. >> next a hockey goalie cools off mid game, what he drinks that got him kicked off
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trending today this video of a university of virginia hockey goalie drinking a cold one on the ice. that's not juice, though. >> no. this happened during the game last friday against virginia commonwealth. apparently a fan tossed him a beer. he cracks it open and chugs it down. that's frowned upon, no kidding. the refs threw him out of the
5:39 pm
game. really? uva won the game. >> he's getting soatme iotentn all right. the donald is out. the arnold is in. nbc has hired arnold schwarzenegger to host the celebrity apprentice when it returns to the air waves sometime next year. donald trump made the show a success but stepped aside when he announced his run for the white house. it's not clear whether schwarzenegger will replace trump's famous saying you're fired with his own you're terminated. it seems nickelodeon is using the throwback thursday trend to launch a whole new network. >> the kids channel posted this video on its youtube page featuring a montage of its old '90s cartoons. the new channel is seemingly devoted to hits like rug rats, hey arnold and rocco's modern life. nickelodeon hasn't said when the splash will hit tv. after the break some video you just have to see.
5:40 pm
a crocodile nearly walking on water. >> what? >> and the nationals are trailing the new york mets by 9 1/2 games for a playoff spot. it's safe to say, friends, the dream is over. >> it's all over. >> we'll
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if you saw the video of natosha mckenna who was severely mentally ill being tased in this jail, you might have wondered why was she here instead of getting treatment? i'm peggy fox. coming up i'll tell you about changes in the works to make sure that doesn't happen again. remember the gator caught in montgomery county last week? >> yeah. >> well, it is now safe and sound at a thurmont, maryland zoo, but we learned today it is not the on one. people actually have gators hanging out in their homes? police tell stephanie ramirez they are actually having a problem this year with illegal gators. watch. >> reporter: we have a great here named swat because it took 14 s.w.a.t. officers to capture it and the latest gator found in montgomery county is here as well at the wildlife preserve
5:44 pm
and zoo which is like a refugee camp for these gators. the zoo's owner says it's the only zoo in the state taking in these gators illegally found all throughout maryland. this is the gator buy you at the zoo in their possibility. normally people have to keep a difference, but today the newest member is a gator caught in a montgomery county backyard last week. they don't know this one's story but have eight more just like it. there's a problem with people in maryland keeping gators as pets and in a lot of cases -- >> they bring them home and find out they're illegal and in an attempt to keep themselves from getting in trouble they release them into whatever local body of water they can find. >> reporter: alligators, crocodiles and kamans have been banned in maryland nearly a decade now, but for some reason a maryland natural resources spokesperson said there have been at least nine found since
5:45 pm
january. >> they are not a pet. as they get bigger, ey can be aggressive. >> reporter: how many teeth did you say? >> 82, extremely sharp made for ripping and tearing, not chewing. >> reporter: they also can't survive the maryland winter because they're not from here. >> you turn them loose, they're just not going to make it. >> reporter: it's a $1,000 fine if you're caught way gator, but if you have one, you -- with a gator, but if you have one, you can surrender it to the zoo without facing a penalty. >> steph is a brave soul. i saw a picture she tweeted out today holding a gator. next for the zoo is naming the garrett. they're taking any new suggestions on our new and improved wusa9 app. a national geographic photographer recorded a crocodile using his tail to
5:46 pm
launch his body out of the water. you can see crews were teasing it with a lot of meat and the croc goes from floating to completely vertical with just his tail in the water. the photographer compared the strength of the crock dale's tail to a torpedo -- crocodile's tail to a torpedo shooting out of a submarine. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> back to the alligator, you said surrender the alligator if you find one can. they come pick it up? >> that's what i'm thinking. put it in a room, close the door and call somebody to pick this up. >> what is the protocol exactly? >> a gator, do you know anyone that has one of those things? >>. >> no. i guess animal control would have to come get it. all right. a beautiful evening, not as cool as yesterday. late tonight i think a sweater is a good idea. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and
5:47 pm
son weather cam, 82, relative humidity only 34%, good hair day, winds light south, southeast at 6. open the windows again tonight. it's going to be cool, bus stop temperatures 52 to 70 and that's 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. across the breadth of the metro area. wonderful wednesday leading to a nice thursday, not humid, may be a little warmer but not humid and that is key. this is really a nice start to meteorological fall. 70 tonight at 10:00 on the futurecast but mainly in the 60s elsewhere, maybe 61 in red rick. maybe a sweater. by morning we're looking at 50s again. i think these numbers are a high hair, maybe 52 in frederick. in 53 in gaithersburg and 62 in d.c. by 9:00 everybody rebounds into the mid- to upper 60s, almost 70 downtown by 9:00 and
5:48 pm
by lunchtime what a great day, take a walk, take lunch outside, low 80s, low humidity, pure sunshine and not much breeze tomorrow either. by 6 a.m. we're still 80 in cumberland and roll romney -- romney at 6:00. tomorrow night at 9:30 not quite as cool, temperatures comfortable. it's my favorite time of the year, no ac, no heat. 68 in gaithersburg, 69 in leesburg and again this is 9:30 tomorrow night. clear skies, rather cool, 62 to 54, open the windows. lows tonight 54 in rockville, any of the 3 in lay sonsville -- so tomorrow morning sunny with a cool start, 52 to about 80
5:49 pm
and by afternoon mostly sunny and warmer, still gorgeous, high temperatures around 85, winds out of the south at 5 to 10. it's going to be great from the mountains to the coast, too 77 in oakland tomorrow, 87 in culpeper, 84 in manassas and fairfax and 86 downtown. 80 by the water, great time to be on the water, no small craft advisory, just about perfect. on the day planner 69 at 9:00, 78 by 11:00 and 83 by 1 p.m. beautiful on thursday, 86, still great on friday 85. next seven days, weekend is still great, too. keep your plans. next for the terps game, although toasty, and nice on monday and tuesday, back in the upper 70s. some 75 million americans are expected to play fantasy football and a growing number of people setting up their lineups are women. >> reporter: erica rosenberger
5:50 pm
spent sunday cheering players and crunching numbers from various teams and on a variety of screens. >> not bad for the 1st half, i guess. >> reporter: she is among the millions of women jumping off the sidelines and into the game of fantasy football. how much do you look forward to this every year? >> the summer sending, but you have fantasy football to look forward to. >> reporter: it all began on draft night last week when this group of women brought together by erica and her friend kim shire selected their teams. what was the draw for fantasy football for you? >> erica and i both were married and were dating men who were obsessed with football and played fantasy themselves. >> reporter: this season 1/3 of the fantasy football players are women, a significant increase over last year when women accounted for 20% of players. many starting leagues of their
5:51 pm
own. why not just join your husband's league? >> we did. we beat them. >> reporter: there were no rookies here. this group of women has played fantasy football for 12 years. how is your team doing? >> i'm losing all three of my games are. >> reporter: what's your husband think? >> they love it. they get to watch football without complaining. >> don't forget. in two days thursday night football returns to cbs. the denver broncos will face off against the kansas city thief. coverage starts right here immediately following our 7 p.m. news. now wusa9 now wusa9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the washington nationals and
5:52 pm
tonight's inside pitch holden kushner tells us why there's plenty of blame to go around the nationals clubhouse. >> with the season basically over it's time to ask the question what went wrong with the washington nationals? let's focus solely on the players. they don't get a pass on the injuries but couldn't overcome the losses of zimmerman, span, stammen among others for long periods of time. for the most part the replacements didn't get the job done. someone find the old ian desmond. the twenty-fifth one has committed the most errors in the national league and his ban months. max scherzer was literally the best pitcher in baseball but has an rather of five in the all-star break and that's among the worst in the lead. drew store broke his thumb pumping a locker out of frustration. maybe he's upset because he ma
5:53 pm
a 9.22 e.r.a. what's going on with anthony rendon, finished top five in the most valuable player award last year with only four home runs to show in 2015? sure, there's a lot of blame that can be put on the manager and general manager, but it's the players that have to live up to expectations. most of the players didn't live up to expectations. that's the answer to the question what went wrong with the washington nationals. for wusa9 sports i'm holden kushner. >> they're right now 9 1/2 back of the mets. they were three or four. >> if you have that high of e.r.a. will you get signed? >> it will be hard for him. i mean somebody will sign him. we saw earlier in the year highway good he can be. it's just a matter of sustaining that. he's been a champion for the poor since the very
5:54 pm
beginning. coming up see how francis plans to connect with some of his faithful who have fallen on lar times. >> what -- hard times. >> the u.s. mexico border has become a symbol of the immigration debate as many republican presidential candidates push for tougher policies. i'm chris martinez in calexico, california. california. we it's ford suv season. now just sign & go. with zero down... zero due at signing... and zero first month's payment... hassle free. choose from ford escape, edge, explorer and expedition. every suv. ford makes it easier for you to be unstoppable,
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immigration is a hot button issue among republican presidential candidates. >> many of them are calling for tougher policies. as credit martinez reports, the u.s./mexican border is at the center of this debate. >> reporter: along california's border with mexico u.s. border patrol agents are on the move. in one hour agents picked up seven people entering the u.s. illegally as we rode along, two men still wearing life jackets
5:58 pm
found after passing through a deep canal. then this group was spotted on foot. >> they're sitting down listening to our commands which is good. nobody gets hurt that way, us or them. >> reporter: some are so bold we spotted what agents say are scouts in mexico in broad daylight looking for a clear path to cross. still experts say the border is more secure now than ever before. >> apprehensions at the mexico border are at an all time low. >> reporter: most of the republican presidential candidates support putting up a wall along the entire u.s./mexico border. immigration policy expert manuel passtore say as many people are returning to mexico today as they are crossing into the u.s. >> the walls become a symbol of taking a tough stance against undocumented immigration, but a wall would be very ineffective. >> people ask how do they get over that 15, 20-foot wall.
5:59 pm
here's an example. >> reporter: agents say cameras and sensors are among their more effective tools, but manpower is key. >> if you put a fence in the middle of nowhere, it will get knocked down, go under it, through it. >> reporter: agents say they're successfully stopping immigrants here, but the problems extend far beyond the border. 129 senior residents will soon be out of a place to live. thanks for joining us. i'm bruce johnson. >> i'm lesli foster. washington homes and community hospices, a nonprofit that has cared for low income, disabled and elderly residents for 120 years is olding is their upton street property in northwest to the sidwell friends school next- door. mola lenghi is live in northwest.
6:00 pm
how are residents taking this news? >> reporter: some are still finding out, but those who were told today say they were taken completely off guard. the fear here is that the disruption this will cost to the lives of some these elderly residents may just be too much for them to handle. >> it's personally devastating to have to figure out what to do with your loved one. >> reporter: mary mason's mother has lived at the washington home in northwest for seven years, but as of december 2016, her mother and the other 28 residents have to find somewhere else to live. the home has been sold. ceo tim cox said the board of directors' decision to sell was more than a simple business move. >> it is really about end of care philosophy and being able to serve many more people than we can currently serve. >> reporter: cox explained the home is responding to demand as more and more people choose to stay in their homes during the last year of their lives. mason who


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